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People we’re loving: Effortless Eating

mini scones

My sister Maria always fills me with inspiration. Not only has she just given birth to the sweetest little girl, but she simultaneously runs London-based seasonal food company, Effortless Eating.

Not content with office life, Maria took the plunge three years ago and rented out a kitchen in South West London. After months of hard work concocting new recipes, trawling markets for the best ingredients and coursing across London in a little brown van which she frequently forgets has no rear mirror, she already has a prestigious Gold Great Taste Award under her belt.

maria balfour effortless eating

In a proud sisterly promotion of her success, I thought I would spread the word and share a few of her beloved creations with you. (She’ll be furious that I am writing this post but she’s too modest by half).

She has recently met with nationwide popularity for her traditional potted shrimps, which can be shipped to anywhere in the UK and have even the most reluctant shrimp-eaters hurrying back for more. They come in a beautiful kilner jar which is almost as good to look at as the shrimps are to taste:

effortless eating potted shrimps

But what she loves more than anything, and I know from having seen her knee-deep in edible glitter in the kitchen, is decorating cakes. Whatever the occasion, from kiddies’ tea parties to a sneaky cupcake in front of the telly, Maria’s cakes top them all, and I have had my fair share. They beat Hummingbird hands down.

effortless eating cupcakes

effortless eating cupcakes

Effortless Eating also provides delicious fresh seasonal food straight to your door, complete with perky waitresses or, for the lazier amongst you, pre-cooked meals ready to be heated.

Oh, and some very cheesy dog bones specially made for your four-legged friends.

Check it out and see for yourself.

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