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People we’re loving: Studio at 37

studio at 37 ceramics

The moment I saw Studio at 37‘s ceramic designs, the words cup, gift bag and bunting became a whole lot more interesting. Their quirky ceramic pieces are playful yet simple, in lovely muted pastel glazes with a nostalgic,  retro feel. I love the idea of ceramic bunting and party bags – they would make great little vases or plant pots, perched on a windowsill with some basil or parsley.

“Designing to delight, surprise and shape expectation of what experience can be”, Angela Pointon and Laura Masson (the duo behind Studio at 37) have definitely struck a popular chord right now, nestled somewhere between contemporary shabby chic and a peek in to your hippest granny’s dresser.

studio at 37 ceramics

studio at 37 ceramics

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