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Peep show: Zach Motl’s tiny apartment

zach motle brooklyn apartment

Zach Motl’s magnificent Brooklyn apartment has caught the eye of a fair few publications, including the New York Times and The Neotraditionalist.

Zach has created one of the quirkiest, most stylish homes I have seen in a while out of a mere 178 square feet. This is one tiny room.

He rents the Brooklyn studio and was not technically given permission to make any alterations but, with some guts, guile and an eye to die for, he has turned it into one of the most desirable bachelor pads in New York.

zach motl apartment

Zach says he has always been into collecting things, and one look at these pictures confirms his tendency to gather and cluster whatever takes his fancy, from Marc Jacbos wellies to antique tennis racquets. Compulsive hoarders like myself will take great comfort from this.

zach motle kitchen apartment

It is knowing where to put one’s endless stream of things that is the key to stylish digs, and Zach’s thoughtful and carefully-planned placement of his bits and bobs mean that they add character to the room instead of looking just plain messy. There’s not a storage box in sight.

My favourite part has to be the mini kitchen. (Although Zach confesses he rarely actually cooks anything because the last time he tried to make onion soup the whole place smelled of it for four days).

Images via the New York Times

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