Month: April, 2010

Crafty notebooks at Paperchase

When I was a kid I loved nothing more than  a few free minutes in my local Paperchase while my mother was doing her shopping.  Although it’s been a while since I went into the store, I saw these craft-inspired notebooks online and think they’re pretty fun whatever your age.

paperchase notebooks

Etsy love-in: Designs by Nancy T

blue coral cushion

It is Easter, and in the holiday spirit I am posting an Easter Etsy special.

I love a good browse on the site – both for general inspiration and, sometimes, a little handmade treat. This week, I have decided to showcase a selection of fun modern cushions by textiles designer, Designs by Nancy T.

I love her bold, unfussy silhouettes, which are so striking in their simplicity. They would work brilliantly on any tired sofa or bed. And – bonus – all the pillow covers work indoors or out, made from durable wipe-down fabric, so you can have your lucky black cat – or raven, if that’s your cup of tea – close to you at all times.

pink swan pillow

black cat cushion

red coral cushion

raven cushion

Edible art: pack lunches to die for

Earlier today, I discovered a selection of the best lunch boxes I have ever seen; a true source of inspiration for weary pack-lunchers across the globe. Inspired by Japanese Bento boxes, these creations make almost any foodstuff look exciting, and I know from experience with my nieces that giving broccoli an appealing edge is quite a task.

Get inspired and give your little ones something to show off next lunch break.

pink benzo box

Images via Bunchesandbits, Susan Yuen and ABQBentoMama on Flickr.

Matryoshka madness

A cheery post to help you forget about the rain and thunder raging outside.

I have always had a love of Russian Dolls, and I think it’s at its peak. These four treats are too kitsch to resist.

Clockwise from top: stacking tins, £11.95, dotcomgiftshop; cushion, £75, Heal’s; set of three hooks, £9.95, Little Monkey Murals; notebook, £4, Go Stationery.

People we’re loving: Heart Zeena

heart zeena lavender cushions

heart zeena

I have just discovered Heart Zeena’s fun and playful textiles.

Her designs have an unfinished, homemade feel that gives them an original, unique edge, as if she has just been doodling away without really thinking about it. I especially like her little birdie, who crops up on cushions and bags in various different guises – wispy and sketchy (“Bob”), or nice and plump with a 70s Scandinavian feel (“Fred”). The heart cushions are stuffed full of lavender and printed on raw linen, the perfect balance between sweet and rough.

You have to heart Zeena.

heart zeena tea towel

Peep show: paint the town red

red bedroom elle decor

I have always naturally avoided red both in my wardrobe and my home. But lately it seems to be popping up all over the place and I have come to think that this is no bad thing:

red bathroom and red bedroom

laura ashley red room

Images via Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, Ideal Home and Laura Ashley.

Sceptics like myself should probably start with just a cushion or two. Some ideas for Spring:

red flower cushion and mug, john lewis

red ice cream bowl and stars cushion

Clockwise from top: flower cushion, £30, John Lewis; Sanderson mug, £6, John Lewis; Stars cushion, £15, Aspace; Ice cream bowl, £6.99, Corvus