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Month: May, 2010

Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere – it actually worked

Anyone who berated me for being overly hopeful about the radishes my sister and I planted a few weeks ago, and there were a few, can gobble humble pie. It actually worked.

Summer inspiration: down by the sea

Maybe it’s the onset of summer and imminent seaside fun, maybe it’s a longing for simple and natural beauty, maybe it’s because blue and white look so good together, or perhaps it is just my ongoing obsession with my new white walls… whatever the reason, I’m in a stripped-back, pared down beach house frame of […]

Folksy love-in: ceramic herb labels

After being told by you guys about Folksy, the UK’s version of Etsy, I think it’s no bad idea to showcase products from there instead of transatlantic goodies that you cannot buy so easily. So… for our first Folksy love-in, I decided to let my green-fingered enthusiasm roll and post these rustic little ceramic herb […]

Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere

I would be lying if I said anyone in my family bar my very clever father had noticeably green fingers. It’s not that we don’t collectively yearn for home-grown flowers, veggies and fruits – but actually making it happen has always been trying if not traumatic. So, given the wonderful weather this weekend, my sister […]

People we’re loving: To Dry For

I cannot stress enough my loathing of stained, past-it teatowels. Drying up is bad enough; at least do it in style. Well, over at To Dry For, you’ll find the funkiest selection around, with designs from Penguin, Unity Peg,  Lovely Lovely and current new favourites Thornback and Peel…  And you might even find yourself searching […]

Cash vs. credit: elephant bookends

Wood and aluminium bookends, £43, Artisanti; Wood bookends, £19.99, Cargo

People we’re loving: Holly’s Houses

In Nepal last year I bought some beautiful stamped writing paper with matching envelopes, each with a detailed black and white dragon print on the front. If you’re thinking, ‘my god, what a traveller cliché’, you are wrong. It looks great. It ignited within me a nostalgic love for good old-fashioned rubber stamps, and I […]

Matryoshka madness part II

My friend Brady in LA just sent me these matryoshka skateboards, and I had to post them. They’re too cool. For more designs check out Blueprint Skateboards. May the matryoshka madness continue.

COLLECT 2010 at the Saatchi Gallery

Yesterday I went down to the Saatchi Gallery in London’s Duke of York’s Square to check out this year’s crafts exhibition, COLLECT 2010. Run by the Crafts Council, and in its seventh year, the show comprises a mind-blowing array of pieces from galleries across the globe, of such artistic skill and vision that the word […]

Peep show: white rooms

Obsessing over the imminent decoration of my little loft, which is currently a rather grubby shade of white, I have spent most of my time recently pondering the merits of off-white versus chiffon white versus misty white versus stone white… and so on. No one warned me how many shades of white there are and […]