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People we’re loving: Lisa Stickley

London-based ceramics and textiles designer Lisa Stickley knows how to have some fun. Her quirky designs are playful without being too girly, decorated with old-school (yet surprisingly relevant) doodles and mantras such as “keep nail varnish in the fridge and it will stay runny. pack tight shoes with wet newspaper and leave overnight. to clean dirty wallpaper – rub with stale bread. make diamonds sparkle, clean them with gin”; or “when choosing plants for the flower garden, consider those that may give a good display of bloom and, in many cases, provide glorious cut flowers for house decoration”.

She also designs quirky floral hand and washbags, as well as playful mugs and other homely treats such as an “uncommonly good cup mug” and a “splendidly small bowl”. They do exactly what they say on the tin.

lisa stickley bags

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