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People we’re loving: Holly’s Houses

holly's houses stamps

In Nepal last year I bought some beautiful stamped writing paper with matching envelopes, each with a detailed black and white dragon print on the front. If you’re thinking, ‘my god, what a traveller cliché’, you are wrong. It looks great. It ignited within me a nostalgic love for good old-fashioned rubber stamps, and I often wish I was the conscientious kind who has enough time to trot off to art shops and build a really good collection, with – in an ideal world – the perfect, witty stamp for any letter or mood.

But I recently heard about Holly’s Houses and think what she does is the perfect solution. A Central Saint Martins graduate, Holly-Anne Rolfe makes personalised stamps, watercolours or sketches featuring any home or design. Perfect for important presents, weddings, birthdays… the whole shebang, really. The best part is, she can do it from photos, so you don’t have to worry about getting her there.

She’s a bargain too – prices start from just £75 for a black and white illustration. Visit Holly’s Houses for more info.

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