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People we’re loving: bluebellgray

bluebell gray hand painted silk

bluebell gray hand painted silk

If you haven’t yet heard of Fi Douglas’s company bluebellgray, you soon will. Bringing a whole new burst of colour and charm to the Scottish design scene, they specialise in hand-painted cushions and throws along with occasional one off bespoke items and original paintings – all of them flower-powered up to the max. Think rambling wildflower meadows, pert sunflowers and luscious roses and you get the idea.

Each design is initially painted in vibrant watercolour and then printed onto fine cotton or linen. Fi’s state of the art printing techniques mean that every brush stroke and drop of colour are replicated on to the fabric, so essentially you can sit / sleep / party / laugh / cry / do exactly what you please on an original, limited edition painting.

Check them out for yourselves at The magnolia lampshade is too good to be true.

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