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Funky trunks

Since bounding out of school aged 18 with my tattered old navy trunk in tow, I have not given it a second’s thought. Until last week.

Wandering down London’s Pimlico Road last week – a treat in and of itself for any design fan – I spied the most elegant pile of vintage Louis Vuitton trunks heaped one atop the other, in faded leopardskin; understated, not garish in a WAG way, but indicative of true old-school glamour, from the days when the American Apparel weekend bag wouldn’t even make it past steerage.

I was so consumed by desire I decided to hunt around for some good trunk images and figure out the best way to incorporate one into my new flat.

In my opinion, the older and tattier the better. A good trunk is made for circling the globe and that is exactly what it should have done by the time it ends up on your floor. Embrace the dents and scuffs and wear and tear. And for that extra sparkle, line yours with your favourite fabric or wallpaper and smile every time you open it.

Images via: Decorpad; birchbarksoap and ihearthome on Flickr; Country Living; SimplyNaturalDecor

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