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Folksy love-in: Pin cushions with a difference

At a certain point in a woman’s life, the importance of a pin cushion becomes clear. For some it is aged forty plus, lovingly darning their husband’s socks; for others it is earlier, when they realise that sewing their socks themselves is not such a bad idea after all.

This can  either be seen as the beginning of the end, or a whole new horizon involving fun novelty accessories which only add to the charm of your home.

An afternoon browsing on for fun handmade pin cushions only proves this last point.

Top row: cactus pin cushion, £2.50; donut pin cushion, £3.50; mouse pin cushion, £12.50. Middle row: house pin cushion, £5; flower pin cushion, £10; enter your pin here cushion, £5. Bottom row: cupcake pin cushion, £11; cupcake sketch pin cushion, £3.50; octopus pin cushion, £6.

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