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Month: July, 2010

People we’re loving: Rice

Rice is an online shop with a conscience that gives you so much more than hemp trousers and jute shopping bags. SA8000 certified and fully supportive of the UN Global Compact vision, they are first a foremost a socially responsible organisation, but it’s what they sell that really makes them stand out. You won’t find […]

Owl cushions: top 5

A symbol of wisdom and prosperity, which we could all do with, the owl is having something of a moment. Have a hoot with these five cute cushions: Clockwise from top: £6, B&Q; £15, John Lewis; £17.99, Cancer Research; £40, Donna Wilson for Heal’s; £30, John Lewis.

People we’re loving: Rose & Grey

Among other lovely things, Rose & Grey excel at funky retro accessories and I think it’s worth shouting about. Lyndsey and Guy, the faces behind the brand, hand pick each item for sale on their website, which came about for no other reason than that they were worn out by overpriced, run of the mill […]

Tate modern in miniature

Someone wonderful – namely artist Brendan Jamison – took it upon themselves to celebrate the London Festival of Architecture by building a miniature model of Tate Modern out of sugar cubes, and I felt compelled to post on it. Apparently, at a scale of 1:100, the model used 70,000 sugar lumps. It was clearly such fun that Jamison also […]

People we’re loving: Stuart Haygarth

Berlin-based lighting designer Stuart Haygarth transforms mundane objects into unexpected works of art, and boy am I pleased he has slipped onto my radar. Party poppers, spectacles, flotsam, jetsam… all are re-imagined, re-arranged and re-interpreted within a brand new context.  “My work revolves around everyday objects, collected in large quantities, categorized and presented in such […]

Cash vs. credit: fabric bag holders

Woven fabric bag holders, £10 each,; Cath Kidston fabric bag holder, £5.99, Biggiboshoff on Folksy

Love your rubbish

£10 for 12 = bargain. Get yours, and tons of other novelty but necessary stuff, at Suck UK.