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People we’re loving: Rose & Grey

rose and grey

rose and grey

Among other lovely things, Rose & Grey excel at funky retro accessories and I think it’s worth shouting about. Lyndsey and Guy, the faces behind the brand, hand pick each item for sale on their website, which came about for no other reason than that they were worn out by overpriced, run of the mill high street products.  So they jumped straight to the source. And they have achieved their goal – everything is nicely priced and just that little bit different.

And as all good businesses should, they also strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible so your little parcels of joy arrive in fully biodegradable packaging. Most excitingly, they are hell bent on hooking you up with your nearest furniture recycling team, so you can help those a little less sorted than you feather their nests as well.

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