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People we’re loving: beetroot

When two Scottish design junkies named Helen and Louise decided to ditch their lives in Britain and relocate to Warsaw, the combination was bound to produce something a little bit different. And beetroot, their online shop for Polish inspired home accessories, provides just that.

“beetroot was born from our love of contemporary Polish design, love of modern Polish culture and that unique industrial-meets-folk style of design which is becoming a signature look of many products produced here…” say the self-christened beetroot girls. “We have invested a lot of time and energy indulging our passion, meeting designers from all over Poland, visiting cutting-edge design exhibitions and events and watching design news.  The result is a bold, quirky and loveable collection of items that enhance the mood of the way we live.”

My personal favourite for autumn is the kiddies’ conker stool:

They also have a good array of kitsch and colourful home accessories and adornments. Here are a few:

Refreshingly, the site also ha a section where you can meet the designers who manufacture the products. It is all lovely and  transparent and a great introduction to the Polish design scene.

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