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Month: November, 2010

Cash vs Credit: Union Jack baubles

Heart shaped Union Jack bauble, £5.62, Past Times; Bombki Union Jack bauble, £20, Heal’s

People we’re loving (…and just in time for Christmas): House & Table

Large French green tea set, £120 My friend Steph, who has always been passionate about interiors and effortlessly radiates the sort of casual good taste most people spend years trying to acquire, recently took the plunge and launched her own online shop, selling rare and wonderful pieces from all over the world. I take my […]

Faking it part II: flower power

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post featuring Anthropologie’s clever paperback wallpaper that can turn any room into a respectable and well-populated library. In the faking it vein I thought I would share my excitement at my new found love of artificial flowers. Image via Jennerally on Flickr When I was a child […]

Give your hallway some love

Saidos de Concha on Flickr When I moved into my flat in the summer, I couldn’t have cared less about the hallway. The word and the space seem to belong to big rambling houses, not little urban hideouts.  Say ikat cushion or hand thrown mug or anything Bang & Olufsen and my ears will prick […]

Farmyard egg cups by Quail at Liberty

Animal egg cups, £10.95 each, by Quail at Liberty