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Faking it part II: flower power

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post featuring Anthropologie’s clever paperback wallpaper that can turn any room into a respectable and well-populated library. In the faking it vein I thought I would share my excitement at my new found love of artificial flowers.

Image via Jennerally on Flickr

When I was a child and my mother used to put out fake orchids, I would die inside and swear that my own perfect home would never be the sort of place that featured shiny plastic stems, fabric petals and poorly moulded stamens.

This vow was ardently kept until a short while ago when I saw some dusty fake flowers in my parents’ boiler room and thought I’d see how they fared in my studio – which is in need of colour, and where flowers I buy usually wilt at the first opportunity. To my mother’s credit, the fake nineties flowers (below), have totally changed the landscape of my flat and I am now the world’s biggest fan.

Beyond my humble flat it seems they’re having a little moment: OKA have produced a very cool array of fake plants and herbs this season, such as this clever oregano pot (below, £25) and even a Flowering Clover, and Habitat have a great range of very believable flowers, sold individually so you can really go wild with your arrangements.

Fake herbs at OKA

Image via Parrot40 on Flickr

Fake flower wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

Image via Country Living

Image via AmericanVirus on Flickr

They last forever, they’re super cheap (unless you opt for hand-dyed silk, but then why not buy a proper plant) and – a tip that only my mother would know – you can give them a little wash and they’ll smell just like the real thing.

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