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Paper sculptures by Lauren Clay

Harbouring plans to learn origami sometime soon – the ultimate goal being a little flock of paper birds suspended from my beams – I have been delving into the world of paper sculpture to see how far the art can be taken by people with proper paper skills.

I was passed on Lauren Clay’s pieces and think they are awesome. Hailing from the deep South, she makes colourful conceptual sculptures that are unlike anything I’ve seen before. I particularly like her take on the humble wreath, inspired by Ancient Greece.

She told Bomblog:

“I’ve been using paper in a sculptural way since 2003. I have this love/hate relationship with it. In a way I’m okay with it but sometimes I feel like it corners me. I like to use paper because it’s so accessible, so easy to transform. And it’s so autonomous– it doesn’t reference anything in particular….

I think in some ways the work, and my use of color is poetic. I feel like it’s not cool right now to be poetic or to make highly crafted objects, but I can’t help it. I find myself grasping around, trying to make sense of things that I become aware of, and I’ll end up with two things opposed, things that shouldn’t necessarily work together.”

See more of her stuff at

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