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Knitted trophies by Rachel Denny

Artist and craft wonder Rachel Denny lives in Oregon and has recently risen to design fame for her playful knitted animal heads – a creative, animal-friendly take on the hunting trophy to which no one could really object.

She describes her work as “an exploration of the seductive beauty of our natural world and the imprint that human intervention has made on its flora and fauna”. She is particularly interested in the transformation undergone by natural forms within an man-made, urban backdrop, and the process of reevaluation caused by displacing nature.

“A deer in an urban backyard, a family of Peregrine falcons at my neighborhood park, a coyote skirting a parking lot… these all become a moment of wonder as they shake us out of our daily routines.”

She exhibits regularly in the US and you can see more of her stuff at

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  1. I love these, what a wonderful idea. Also love them as we’ve almost got the same surname! Off to check out Rachel’s website.

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