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The Matchcarden: grow-your-own in miniature

A while back I posted on the postcarden – a little packet of happiness comprising a pop-up watercress garden in a postcard shaped box that the chosen recipient unfolds, waters and watches grow.

Now the people at Another Studio have come up with the matchcarden – the same sort of thing but based on a sliding matchbox. Slide the little garden out of the box, pop it up, water, and wait.

The designs revolve around two themes: The City Street, a little street of townhouses, and The Quaint Village, which includes a village church, thatched cottage and the soon-to-become-a-thing-of-the-past local shop.

You can even customise your design by adding a little paper chimney or a pair of lovebirds.

At £3.95 each they’re a bargain.

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