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Regal treats from Thornback and Peel


Notebooks in Pigeon and Flag or Flag, £6.95 for a set of two or £3.95 each

I am not usually one to go crazy over Britannia-themed designs. Too many Union Jacks, endless Jubilee hype and embarrassing Olympics products and branding make it hard to get really excited about patriotic products on the whole.

Thornback and Peel, however, have risen to the looming Jubilee occasion with a charming and quirky selection of designs that go above and beyond your usual red, white and blue fanfare.Their recently unveiled Jubilee range is fun, elegant and understated – their signature pigeon making many a guest appearance along a less exposed but equally loved royal corgi:

Apron in Corgi, £22.50

Hanky Box Sets, in Corgi and Flag or Pigeon on Bowler Hat and Flag, £15.50

Tea Towels in Crown, Corgi, Flag and Pigeon on Bowler Hat, £21.95 for a set of two or £11.95 each


…If they can make jelly and cabbage look glamorous, they can do pretty much anything.

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