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Folksy love-in: Hopper and Space

Chairs, £595

Until this morning I always browsed on Folksy for sweet, crafty, handmade things like finger puppets, placemats or soap – never  believing it to be the place for big, proper, impressive furniture. (Incidentally I did just order this, which looks lovely. I have high hopes).

But today I was proven wrong as a sleek trio of contemporary upcycled pieces by sellers Hopper and Space caught my eye and I thought it was definitely worth posting on – even if they’re not everyone’s style, they are proof that the UK’s online handmade community can thrive on a big scale as well as small, and testament to how far Folksy has come since it offered cutesy pin cushions and greetings cards.

Sofa, £1,295

Joe and Ben of Hopper & Space take vintage furniture, cover it with a neutral cream or fawn brushed linen and a contemporary flash of colour – usually neon – and the designs work really well on the angular, retro lines which can often seem too tough. Shunning sweatshops, unethical factories and mass production, they reupholster whatever comes their way, usually spanning the 40s to the 80s. Two of the three pieces they’re currently selling are reupholstered 1953 chairs and a sofa by British company E Gomme, who introduced their ‘G Range’ in the fifties to provide affordable and individual pieces to design-aware homemakers.

Chairs, £695

Their thoughtfully designed 2011 incarnations do exactly the same thing and should be snapped up immediately by anyone in need of a chair. Sadly, I am not.


Folsky love-in: Julia Smith Ceramics

I recently found ceramicist Julia Smith on Folksy.com, who hand throws and decorates these delicately illustrated cups, bowls and jugs in her studio in Ardesier, near Inverness.

While the Christmas present hunt is on, and all everyone wants to do is hit the shops, splash some cash and tick it off the list, giving something British made, by hand and with a whole lot of love has the edge for sure.

Clockwise from top: Small Swallows cup, £12; Butterfly mug, £16; Flying Mallard cup, £15; Bird & Chicks bowl, £12; Small Blue Flowery bowl, £14 and Hills bowl, £16 – all by Julia Smith Ceramics at Folksy.com

DIY Christmas decorations: it’s not too late

And baubles always break.

Crochet Christmas decoration patterns (stocking, star, red robin and tree), £1.50, The Tree Bridge at Folksy.com

Cash vs. credit: fabric bag holders

Woven fabric bag holders, £10 each, notonthehighstreet.com; Cath Kidston fabric bag holder, £5.99, Biggiboshoff on Folksy

Folksy love-in: Pin cushions with a difference

At a certain point in a woman’s life, the importance of a pin cushion becomes clear. For some it is aged forty plus, lovingly darning their husband’s socks; for others it is earlier, when they realise that sewing their socks themselves is not such a bad idea after all.

This can  either be seen as the beginning of the end, or a whole new horizon involving fun novelty accessories which only add to the charm of your home.

An afternoon browsing on Folksy.com for fun handmade pin cushions only proves this last point.

Top row: cactus pin cushion, £2.50; donut pin cushion, £3.50; mouse pin cushion, £12.50. Middle row: house pin cushion, £5; flower pin cushion, £10; enter your pin here cushion, £5. Bottom row: cupcake pin cushion, £11; cupcake sketch pin cushion, £3.50; octopus pin cushion, £6.

Folksy love-in: ceramic herb labels

After being told by you guys about Folksy, the UK’s version of Etsy, I think it’s no bad idea to showcase products from there instead of transatlantic goodies that you cannot buy so easily. So… for our first Folksy love-in, I decided to let my green-fingered enthusiasm roll and post these rustic little ceramic herb labels, £5 by Little Brick House.

ceramic herb labels

ceramic herb labels

They also sell other quirky ceramics – including heart decorations and textured planters. It’s all great value and handmade with love.

little brick house