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1001 Nights plates by Sentou

Bright, plastic, trip-tastic. €27 for four, Sentou.com


Folksy love-in: ceramic herb labels

After being told by you guys about Folksy, the UK’s version of Etsy, I think it’s no bad idea to showcase products from there instead of transatlantic goodies that you cannot buy so easily. So… for our first Folksy love-in, I decided to let my green-fingered enthusiasm roll and post these rustic little ceramic herb labels, £5 by Little Brick House.

ceramic herb labels

ceramic herb labels

They also sell other quirky ceramics – including heart decorations and textured planters. It’s all great value and handmade with love.

little brick house

Garden finds for summer

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and summer is literally just around the corner, so drag your garden out of winter with these colourful treats:

marks and spencer led lights butterfly

indian floor cushions dotcomgiftshop

garden lamps

Pigeon and Jelly deckhair, £125, Thornback and Peel; Sunflower parasol, £29.95, dotcomgiftshop; fibreoptic butterfly lights, £12, M&S; Indian floor cushions, from £21, dotcomgiftshop; Hurricane lamp, £15, lifestyle bazaar; Paper lanterns, £4.99 for 3, Cargo