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Potting the proper way

Much like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and most birthdays, I find that Father’s Day tends to creep up out of nowhere, and while I don’t normally pay too much attention to what people are trying to flog to celebrate it, I just saw this and think it is great. For a father, for yourself, for anyone who has a garden or a shed or the inclination to plant something somewhere.

It is also available with alcohol-free elderflower for the more sensible gardener.

The Real Ale Potting Shed pack, £36, by Whisk Hampers at notonthehighstreet.com


Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere – it actually worked

Anyone who berated me for being overly hopeful about the radishes my sister and I planted a few weeks ago, and there were a few, can gobble humble pie. It actually worked.

Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere

I would be lying if I said anyone in my family bar my very clever father had noticeably green fingers. It’s not that we don’t collectively yearn for home-grown flowers, veggies and fruits – but actually making it happen has always been trying if not traumatic.

So, given the wonderful weather this weekend, my sister and I decided to plump up her little Cotswolds cottage with a few home-grown treats, namely tomatoes, radishes and strawberries – all Duchy Originals, so we are expecting tasty results. We came back from the garden centre armed with ready-prepared compost, seeds and even a pretty wicker fence for the ultimate rustic touch.

What we did may not yeild the results we dream of, but it was cheap, fun and so easy a toddler could do it. You should try too – wherever you live.

What you need: a pre-made growbag (£2.89, Homebase); a wooden spoon or something to make holes with; seeds (check out Homebase’s seed selection); a growbag fence (£9.95, The Eden Project), to make it pretty; hope and enthusiasm.

What to do: cut out squares in your growbag, dig holes to the recommended depth for your seeds, scatter, water, frame with the fence and watch them grow…

gardening compost and seeds

(I should note that the point of this post is to inspire hesitant/uninspired gardeners, not to claim that we have any gardening expertise). We will report back in a week or so if anything pops up…