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Potting the proper way

Much like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and most birthdays, I find that Father’s Day tends to creep up out of nowhere, and while I don’t normally pay too much attention to what people are trying to flog to celebrate it, I just saw this and think it is great. For a father, for yourself, for […]

Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere – it actually worked

Anyone who berated me for being overly hopeful about the radishes my sister and I planted a few weeks ago, and there were a few, can gobble humble pie. It actually worked.

Summer gardening for anyone, anywhere

I would be lying if I said anyone in my family bar my very clever father had noticeably green fingers. It’s not that we don’t collectively yearn for home-grown flowers, veggies and fruits – but actually making it happen has always been trying if not traumatic. So, given the wonderful weather this weekend, my sister […]