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Celia Birtwell goes online

Bird Song fabric in Cherry

I don’t really trust anyone who doesn’t find even the smallest degree of joy in Celia Birtwell’s legendary designs.

Doyenne of hippy chic and ‘the face that launched a thousand prints’ – or more – Birtwell is a longstanding favourite of many a design junkie, representing one half of fashion’s most iconic marriage. And behind every great man…

Today, print aficionados across the globe can celebrate as Celia Birtwell takes the leap and goes online. Wallpaper, fabric, stationery, vintage and contemporary fashion including original Ossie Clark pieces, homeware – it’s all there for the taking and they ship all over the world.

As you would expect, the prints speak for themselves.

Candy Flower fabric in Dusky Violet on Oyster Linen

Jacobean at Night wallpaper in Ivory

Pretty Woman alarm clock

Dandy Watering Can

Mademoiselle’s Best Friend scarf in Mustard

Etsy love-in: Judy Kaufmann

world by judy kaufmann

Browsing on Etsy – the best way to spend ten free minutes, guaranteed – I spotted these prints by Judy Kaufmann and it was love at first sight.

people by judy kaufmann

I like her retro style and attention to detail. Giving hope to doodlers across the globe, she says, “I never was interested in economics or law, not even in art, but somewhere amongst my hundreds of notebooks, I began to draw stories of my life, that have transformed me into the girl that carries a ball-point pen in her knapsack.” Carry one in yours and you never know where it might take you…

cats by judy kauffman