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Original finds from Original House

German industrial trolleys, £210

Last week I went for supper at my friends’ house where I spotted a beautiful, robust and wonderfully worn out coffee table which was in fact just an old crate on wheels. But it was so solid and old and weathered, I couldn’t stop looking at it. I wondered all the way through supper how such a stylish number had ended up nestled between sound systems and granny’s cushions in their cosy, hotchpotch and rather boyish living room.

The answer: Original House, a furniture store founded in 2008 by Archie and Caddie Mackie which specialises original reclaimed pieces. Describing their style as “relaxed yet exciting” – as all good things should be – they scour Britian and beyond for one off pre-loved items and sell them online and through their showroom at Northleach, in the Cotswolds. Environmentally aware and disdainful of mass production, they know what they are doing and their pieces show it. Here are my current favourites:

1950s Tulip table by Eero Saarinen, from the QE2, £540

Portugese factory toolboxes, £110

Vintage Eastern European gym horses, £1200

Dutch enamelled industrial tables, £135

See more at OriginalHouse.co.uk

Autumn at Burford

Last week I passed by Burford garden centre in Oxfordshire and couldn’t resist stopping for a quick coffee and retail runaround. I have only ever been there briefly, running in and out on busy Saturday mornings for compost with my sister who lives nearby, so I relished the chance to wander round in peace and quiet and check out their autumnal offering. With beautiful floral displays and endless, thoughtful ways to accessorise and personalise your home and garden / allotment / window boxes etc, it is the place to go if you need a hit of colour and inspiration.

My favourite find was a lovely range of furniture made from reclaimed Indonesian fishing boats, reincarnating weathered wood and bright pastel colours into simple yet beautiful tables, benches and cabinets.

There is also a lovely selection of colourful Persian kilim furniture – a jumble of wild and eccentric tapestries, chairs and sofas that plunge you into a colourful, chaotic bazaar.

I also spotted some little wooden teepees for kids which look very cute, as well as a ready-to-go shepherd’s hut (for just over £12k) complete with lighting, electrics and bright floral interior.


But I myself was frugal and only bought some tumbling ivy to fill my long-empty hanging pots.

For more information and their online store visit Burford.co.uk.