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Guest post: Zoe rounds up the best little vases from the Origin craft fair

Design-fan-about-town Zoe extols the wistful virtues of a teeny tiny vase for autumn.

Shan Annabelle Valla

Two weekends ago, enjoyng the last of the summer, I visited the contemporary craft fair Origin in London’s Spitilfields market.

I was delighted, more than anything, by some little vases made especially for single flowers. Out of nowhere I was struck by the romantic image of picking wild flowers in the countryside and returning to a beauty table with a clothes brush, and a jewelry holder, and a tissue box, and other pretty little trinkets to rearrange. It struck me as something of a sadness that the days of the dressing table and all its feminine little treats are long gone – and summer maybe over but daydreams in the sunshine are not. So why not keep a little flower alive in its own delicate vase and brighten up days of cold and grey skies.

The vases which aided my imagination include: the beautifully paterned ceramic bud vases by Cynthia Vardhan; the elegant and minimalist Kishu vase by Maya Selway, who – by using cooper and silver – has appeared to create just the outline of a vase; the neat and geometrical metal vases from Niklas Ejve; and more porcelain delights from Shan Annabelle Valla.

Cynthia Varden

Maya Selway

Niklas Evje

Then I came across this image by Petra Collins from her album the female gaze, which reminded me of an eerie version of the look I had in mind.

Still – one of Cyhthia Vardhan or Shan Annabelle Valla’s vases wouldn’t go amiss.


Spring inspiration: flower power

It is that time of year again when I start to remember why I love living in England. Flowers and new life are blossoming, the sun is shining (mostly) and it just makes me so happy.

This is the moment when I really start to notice the new flowers all around me, and instead of buying them from the shops only to have them die days later, I can actually go outside the city and pick huge bunches especially for my home.

In celebration, and in case we have a grey and rainy summer, I thought I’d share some images that remind me how inspiring flowers can be.

Images via: Jonicado, Peggy Collins, mattlong, StefanElf, Alee Bloom, Otomadachi, Art by Chrysti, Ivy Style33

A funky vase for Spring

john lewis vase metal grey

Vase, £30, John Lewis